Folding drone design seemed to be the trend of 2016.  There were many designs that were made to become more compact.  The xFold rigs Dragon is a high end entry into the space.  I haven't seen one on set yet, I'd like to get my hands on one.  Many of the xFold rigs seem to use DJI flight controllers but the rotor design varies so it will be interesting to see how that affects the flight characteristics.  DJI had the big bird space originally with the Spreading Wings line though lately there has been a lot of attention on the Freefly Alta for larger camera payloads.  An Alta8 with Movi Pro will fly a Red Weapon with a prime for 15mins at a time.  xFold is asking for a lot of money, for the full setup.  BH has a kit at nearly $27k.  The payload is listed at 44lbs, which is pretty savage.  A look at their vimeo videos shows how big and beefy they are.  They say it will fly a full size Alexa camera with a Gremsy H32 gimbal but I wonder how much is left for glass.  An Alexa mini or a Red would no doubt be a more sensible choice which would create some weight headroom for a beefy zoom. An Optimo 24-290 weighs just under 25lbs which leaves about 20 for cam and gimbal.  It might be close as far as getting the holy grail lens in the sky, but the exciting part of the story is that clearly we are bearing down on the time when drone shots will not mandate any sort of camera or lens compromise.  Good news for filmmakers, especially the image snobs and gear whores.

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