PM University

PM University is creating an educational program for young filmmakers.  We believe in giving back to the art and culture that has contributed so richly to our lives by helping young people to shape the future.  There is an old Greek proverb that reads "A society grow great when old men plant trees knowing they shall never sit in their shade." would like to help the next generation find a voice to use their freedom of expression and give them a forum to express themselves in ways they didn't know were possible. 

We are investing in our young people and sharing information and expertise with young artists.  We are reaching out to specially selected schools across the nation to partner with with faculty and staff in a curriculum that exposes students to the opportunities afforded by the entertainment industry.  We will organize and administrate and collection of assets, resources, and industry leaders who will speak to students about various aspects of the business.

Details of the program will follow soon.


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