Private Group Spaces for Production Projects

We can give your production a private workspace to help administrate your work. The space includes:

Private Discussion Forum
Document and File Repository
Comment Wall
Group Messaging features via RSS

It is a wonderful place to keep a single, up to date, copy of all production documents generated out of the lead producers, directors, writers, etc. We know people use many different softwares to create budgets, schedules, etc but too often the collaboration of the group is a struggle.

You can post files of any type to your space to share with your group inside of discussions.
Use a new discussion to track a new version of each file.
Your space is Password protected
You can control who is invited to the space and moderate the posts and information there.
Over time the features will grow and improve and become more customized to service specific production needs.

You can create a space for free during Beta.

Contact "Moderator" for help with a private group.

The Team

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